Looks like a 4-cylinder BMW diesel is coming to the U.S.

Rumors have yet to be confirmed, but believe to be factual, that BMW will be adding a single or twin turbo 4-cylinder to their offering in North America next year. The 2.0L most likely will be offered in the 3-series which currently is available with a 6-cylinder diesel … a nice driving car by the way. The smaller engine should improve the current 36mpg U.S. diesel and put it right up there with the Volkswagen Jetta and Passat TDIs.


What it remains unknown is which variant of the 4-cylinder diesel will they use. Currently BMW offers 184 bhp and 380 Nm (280 lb ft) of torque, and also a twin-turbo variant of the same displacement but with 204 bhp and 400 Nm (295 lb ft) of torque.

Jason Cammisa of Automobile Mag says the engine is the single-turbo version. The engine currently powers the 320d model in Europe and is rated at 52 MPG. We believe BMW will use the 325d or 330d designation for U.S. models.



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